The Pash Poppy Spoils


Some visitors may be aware of our first 'Offcuts' project, in which we salvaged parts of enormous works we'd barely started before deciding against their composition and made them into standalone artworks. In contrast, the 69 'Pash Poppy Spoils' constitute what was once an ostensibly completed drawing, measuring 1.5x3 metres. Following several weeks of sometimes intense debate, we found ourselves unable to resolve fundamental issues of composition. It marked a turning point in our longstanding desire to make outsize drawing in such a simple format and was our last attempt to do so.

After months of hard work, however, we couldn't bring ourselves to simply destroy 'Pash Poppy' and, on cutting it into sections, we were pleased to note that many of them made intriguing pieces in their own right. Almost ten years later, having used only the smallest fragments to make a number of greetings cards, we are offering the 'Spoils' for sale. As with the first Offcuts project, the prices are below 50% of those for similar new works and offer an alternative, affordable way to acquire an original drawing.

Each 'Spoil' will be delivered with a text describing the original 2013 'Pash Poppy' and a certificate of authenticity.