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An opportunity to acquire works not available from our galleries...

Hipkiss Art Studio Projects provides a secure portal and payment service for collectors to directly acquire books and other items not destined for exhibition. We hope that, over time, it will also be the preferred way to sell and buy earlier Hipkiss works.

Offcuts concerns a drawing from 2013, 'Pash Poppy', which was abandoned due to a composition with which we didn't manage to reconcile ourselves. Happily, cutting it into small sections yielded pieces that made sense in their own right. We have made a selection available here for modest prices.

Over the years, we've produced a considerable number of drawings, most of which have been exhibited, and many sold, by our former gallery partners and other dealers.

Our exclusive password-protected project, Hexit, was conceived as a way to encourage collectors (or their estate managers) who acquired work from our early years to bring it back to us rather than selling it in an inappropriate auction sale or via an unauthorised gallery. For those seeking an earlier Hipkiss, we offer a selection of small pieces for sale here as an alternative to auction houses.

Should you have a vintage drawing to sell, or are looking to acquire a larger example of our early work, we are building a database of collectors and would-be buyers, so please get in touch! The Hexit page provides some background on the more complex reasons behind the idea.

Please contact us for the password by email or via the form or Chat button below.

The Books page features a limited edition volume of vintage work and a catalogue from a recent group show. Check back for other publications we can make available from the studio.

As the future unfolds, we intend to use this site as a home for other projects that fall outside our galleries' remits.

Recent work can be acquired from our galleries. For a full biography, as well as details of current projects and agents, please visit


Hipkiss is the pseudonym of Alpha & Christopher Mason, once known collectively under the pseudonym

'Chris Hipkiss'.



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